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Triad Inc.

With OMOSHIROI, we will bring small moments of delight into everyday life from Japan to the rest of the world.

About Our Company

Triad Inc. is a design and craft company where extremely innovative and creative thinkers come together to help shape the future of Omoshiroi Block. Increasing the scope of the vision and ensuring a happy and prosperous future. We are famous for our Plan (capacity to propose), Design (ability to express), and Craftsmanship (technical ability). We will bring tiny moments of delight into everyday life with Omoshiroi from Japan to the rest of the globe, through objects, things, and time, formed coordinated talents.
The meaning of our name, Triad comes from, the place in the color scheme where you can the most perfect balance, is where the three basic colors combines. Similarly, our company is the best spot where the creativity and quality is merged.
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Our production unit has all of the necessary equipment to provide a smooth flow of production with quality that meets international standards.

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Triad Inc.

We, Triad Inc.
have been acquiring the top most place in the industry.


Customers are our very first priority and we give our best to please them.


Our company is trusted all over the world because of its quality standards.

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We began our journey in 1999 adventure as a manufacturing company, but we are still ...excited

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There are a number of protocols that must be followed in any manufacturing business, especially ...

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